Wednesday, 24 December 2014

It's a Chocolaty Christmas!!

This year has gone by so fast. It feels like yesterday when I made all these plans of things to do in 2014. It has been such a great year. 
We are almost at the end of it, and that means Christmas is here. 
Eating, drinking and being merry...

The fact that I get to wear my favourite dresses around this time of the year makes this whole time more exciting for me. 

This dress is definitely one of those, that you never get over!!

So my dad has been out of town working, and I got to see him after like 3 months. 
And its like he had this Santa sack with tonnes of Chocolates in it!!

My very chocolaty Christmas

Can't dress up for Christmas, without some sparkly shoes 

Have a Merry Christmas!!

Dress- Venaur
Shoes - Gifted
Jewellery - Rosabelle Treasures

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  1. Soo stunning!! The earring is wonderful! Do u make them??