Thursday, 4 December 2014

Bath Rituals

 Nothing is more relaxing to me than long baths or showers. I love hoarding on new shower gels,and trying them out. the different textures, fragrances and honestly a lot of foam =P

 Currently I am loving the bodyshop strawberry collection!

I love using body scrubs before the whole shower gel-bodylotion thing. But I always prefer homemade scrubs over the market ones. I actually hardly ever buy the body scrubs. 
The smooth and soft feel of the skin, after using body scrubs is just heavenly and relaxing. 
Will probably make an entire different post about my homemade body scrubs. 

I can not talk about these without mentioning how delicious they smell. Its like showering with actual strawberries. 

I like how it doesn't take a lot of product to lather up. Just a small amount is sufficient. I expected it to be moisturizing, but it doesn't really do that for my normal skin. Also didn't like the fact that the smell doesn't stay for long. It just fades away after an hour after bath. 

Though the lotion is really a good buy. Love the smell, It moisturizes well and also its not too greasy. Which is a big plus for me as I hate greasy body lotions. 

Shower gel - The Bodyshop

Body lotion - The Bodyshop

In shower body lotion - Nivea


  1. Awesome post! And your photography is great too!
    A couple of days ago, you came by my blog, so I thought I would come visit yours. I love it and now I'm a new follower :) Please, please follow me back, I would love that so much.
    - July,

  2. Hey.... so I was just casually creeping through July's blogs when I saw your comment and didn't recognise the name so I clicked on the link and now I'm here.

    Lovely review btw. I think they would make some excellent Christmas gifts.
    Marian ^_^

  3. Great products ;)

  4. Awsome products
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