Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Showstopper with LA - Couture

In all fairness, I should let you will be a photos overload post! 

From the neckline, to the back, from the colour, to the detailing...this gown is pefection. A beautiful outfit for the bride's sister to adorn on any of those fabulous events. 

Twirling has never been more fun :)

And yes! I met Cinderella and we exchanged shoes. 

My absolute favourite shot from this series..

Picking out the jewels for this look, was the best part. I went with the layering trend and I really think I am gonna stick with it. 

Gown - LA Couture
Jewellery - Rosabelle Treasures
Heels - Cinderella's ( just kidding) Betsey Johnson