Tuesday, 15 August 2017

First Look : Sakura by Ganjam

This is one of those picture heavy posts! I thought a fair warning is in order. 
So about this post...I recently had the chance to explore the beautiful sakura collection by the Ganjam Jewellers. The collection is inspired by cherry-blossom. "Sakura" is japanese for cherry-blossom. 

The collection itself is so beautiful and easy on the eyes. The whole process and hardwork that went into conceptualizing this, is pretty evident in each and
 every piece. 

I especially fell in love with the colour palette of this collection, the soft pinks along with golden and silver. The uniqueness of this collection is not just the fact that it is limited edition but it is also 3D. When you look at the pieces, you can see each and every petal of the flower right down to the polens. 

Dress - Winona 
Heels - Steve Madden 


  1. beautiful dress

  2. Looks really interesting) Thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. Great post, photos are amazing!
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  4. You look gorgeous in this dress my dear, such a wonderful jewelry:-)

  5. Gorgeous outfit, stunning jewelry!! Loved these pictures :)
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  6. I love the details. Very beautiful.