Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Bringing Swag to the World since 93'

So this is going to be a slightly narcissist post, with you know the birthday being around the corner and so...

I wore this dress for my birthday last year. The minute I went to look for my bday dress, I saw this one...and it just had to come home with me 

It has the right amount of lace, and the higlights of it are obviously the colour and the neckline 

Coming to the excitement of the birthday...I love celebrating them, I love shopping for them...I think that is the only day I am the first one to wake up and jump out of bed 

And on the note about growing up...I am loving every bit of it. Last year was amazing. I learned, I made mistakes, I took decisons but most of all I owned up everything I did. I am excited for the next learning curve and all the beautiful and amazing people in my life :)

Dress - Forever New 
Heels - Steve Madden 
Jewellery - RosabelleTreasures