Wednesday, 8 March 2017

PLAYPORT - A day well spent!!

Airport holds a special place for me, with most of my family scattered over various places..being at the airport somehow just feels like a step closer. I don't get to visit my brother as often as I would like to, but I always tell him that, whenever I see a plane, " I wish I was on it, so I could see him" 

I recently got to spend a lot of time at the airport and it was just so much fun! 
Travelling does not have to be all about time pressure, making it in time and all that hassel

Especially around this time, when we have vacations going on. Everyone is busy planning family trips with kids and everything. It's always a task keeping the little ones occupied and that's what I got to see at the airport recently. They have turned it into a playport, so the young ones can really enjoy their whole experience of travelling. 

It was amazing, seeing all the kids having so much fun. 

I remember my last flight back from home, had a lot of kids onboard. I happened to sit nest to one. The delight on his face, during landing...was just wow. This kid was so fascinated with how it all happened and his expression was just priceless. 

I always try to reach well before time, so I can have a cup of coffee and just watch all the planes take off.....

( this was too good) do you like to spend your time at the airports? 


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  3. Wow, Playport sounds too cool man!! Most of the time, I keep staring at stylish persons especially women, who is wearing what :D :P Yeah, that I do actually at the airports!! Lovely post :)

  4. i love that kind of ice coffee:)

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