Friday, 9 December 2016

Review : The Body Shop Frosted Plum Sugar Scrub

By now, it's very well established, that more than any other bath products, I love scrubs the most. 

I know TheBodyShop is known for their body butters, but I am still all crazy about their body scrubs!

I picked this one up, during their last sale, and you can see from the pics, I have been using it a lot. 

Love, Love, Love the fragrance, its just too yummy!!...and the skin is left all fresh and well exfoliated. 

If you can, do pick this one up and it will grab a permanent spot in your regime...


  1. I love the TBS scrubs, too, and I am using the one with the Green Tea at the moment.
    Have a good weekend

  2. Thanks a lot =) Oh yes I like this lip colour a lot.

    I love The Body Shop, they have so many good products. This scrub sounds really great =)

  3. I so love it!

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  4. beautiful post :)
    Happy Monday! :)

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