Monday, 3 October 2016

Turning 4 with Rosabelle Treasures

Sometimes, you are clueless about what you want to do? It's very overwhelming and it requires a lot of self-belief I guess, to stick to the path you have chosen. 

I still have my moments, but the sheer joy of running RosabelleTreasures, overpowers all the jitters I get along the way. 

As the brand turns 4, I can't be more happy. I am so thankful for every single person, who has supported me throughout this. who has loved what I make, and who continues to  do so on this beautiful journey. 

Without any more delay, I would love to share a glimpse of our new collection...

Dress - Aq/Aq
Jewellery- RosabelleTreasures
Heels - Steve Madden 


  1. Such a great dress and style you are perfect my dear

  2. You look great ;).

  3. amazing... congratulations of 4 years baby <3