Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Review : Benefit Cosmetics - Watts Up Highlighter

Highlighters and Blushes are these particular category of products, that I keep collecting, even though the stash is getting out of control. 

Something about that ray of light hitting your cheek bone, and the perfect, dewy glow that it reflects...

The packaging is just too cute, I mean look at that box, I would take it home, even without knowing it's name =P

The shade, is very goldeny shade, which comes with a sponge applicato on the other end!

I mostly use the sponge, when I wear the highlighter by itself. The days I layer it over the blush, I blend it using the fingers, it works moe beautifully that way. 

One swipe and blended!

watts up in action! 

If you love a good highlight, it's just perfect. I have been constantly using it for festive time and special occassions.


  1. It looks amazing on skin and the packaging - I could buy it only for packaging but as long as it works well it's one of the best highlighters I've ever seen.

  2. Looks so good!!
    Have a nice week

  3. I really need to try that highlighter, it looks so good!
    Great post!
    Vanessa x

  4. Lovely post dear!Have a great week! xx