Thursday, 30 June 2016

June Favourites

If there is one dress, that I never want to grow out of it would be this cute number! I am in love with the cuts on the sides and this print makes it so versatile to accessorize. 

When it comes to accessories, I am embracing the tassel trend, and these pretty earrings are the new addition.

As per the review, I have been using this lipstick and for me it's my perfect nude.

Luvvvv this neckpiece, it's one of those accessories that you can pair with anything in your wardrobe!


  1. Very nice products, thanks for sharing and thanks for your comment. :)

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  2. Great post.
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  3. I love the details. Very beautiful.

  4. Thank you dear =)

    Great post =) So beautiful favourites.

  5. I love the body shop ;)
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