Friday, 20 May 2016

Review : Island Kiss Lip Moisturisers

Beautiful packaging and day dreamy scents, these lip balms are no ordinary ones!

I have been using them every single day and I just cant get enough, from packaging, to quality and to the very fact that they are 100% organic and made with so much love!

It's just a whole new feeling, when you buy soemthing from a home grown business and when you get the product, you know the love that goes into it

The purple one is my favourite, smells like lavender and it's my current night lip balm ( which is not changing ever again btw)

Starting of with Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender, It smells divine and has no colour, which works great as a base lip balm, before I apply my lip colour 

Then there is Cherry Blossom Flores, love the frangarnce and the lovely tint of pink. 
And lets not forget Puerto Berry Blush well, this one is packed with the beautiful red colour of it, the pigmentation is just wow

These beauties need to be in every single vanity...check them out at myislandkiss