Saturday, 30 April 2016

April Favourites

It being a birthday month and all, top of the list is this bubbly...

I love how all the favourites this month are just too sparkly...

This is a new addition to my ever growing perfume collection. It's called Kaleidoscope by Karl Lagerfeld...and it's just the right mix of sophisticated and sexy!

I maybe going through a case of pink-glasses, where all I want to collect is all things pink, and this lipcolour is no different, but the catch here is,,,,this time I didn't even had to select a shade, as I was just sold on the packaging

I am an avid blush collector and this beauty just had to come home with me. Love the classic black packaging by BobbiBrown

New Design from our New Collection, These Onyx earrings are currently siting pretty, after parading the town with me, for every single event!