Thursday, 6 August 2015

Review : L'oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Limited Edition Swarovski Lipstick - Lincoln Rose

There is a new cutie in town, and it comes with a shiny cover! 

Clearly, my first instinct to buy it was cause of that super pretty crystals on the cover. 

But this lippie is more than a pretty face, this is becoming my favourite red. 
It does not feel heavy on the lips, its matte without being drying, which I absolutely love. It's hard to find a collection of matte that is not drying on the lips

This is a beautiful shade of red, without being too bright. 

This is the pigment payoff in single swipe, the itsy bitsy problem that I came across is the uneven staining that happens. It stays on from about 4-5 hours. (haven't worn it longer that that)
It also survives light meals, which is a lovely plus

The range has such pretty shades. If you are not into sparkly packaging, you should pick this up for its beautiful matte texture and great pigment payoff

Price - 1099


  1. Nice review, Lovely colour! X

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